At some point in time.....



On a grassy hillside overlooking the ocean, covered with moss, lies a collection of stones.  Covering the ragged peninsula, these stones lay untouched and half-buried in the ground.  

One day, a traveler, on a sojourn looking for work, finds only a dead end at the end of this cliff's edge.  

He decides to take a load off and have a seat upon one of these boulders jutting out of the ground and stare out at the endless sea.

As he props his hand upon the stone slab to sit down, he notices something engraved on the flat surface facing him.  He leans in to take a closer look and sees that there is some type of language with what appears to be an ancient description of some sort.  

Unfamiliar with the scripture, he turns his attention to other stones nearby.  When he checks for similar markings, he soon discovers that every stone has the same type of engravings.  Scanning the landscape in it's entirety, he looks on in amazement as hundreds of stones suddenly steal away his view. 

......These are the stories of Local Stone.

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